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The New PROFILE Range Is Fitted With K-NOX Mixing Augers As Standard. K-NOX Greatly Extends The Life Span Of The Augers, Crucial To The Performance Of The Mixing Unit. The Whole Auger Is Made Of K-NOX (3CR12 Stainless Steel), From The Thread To The Central Shaft. These K-NOX Augers Offer Superior Resistance To Friction And The Fatty Acids Contained In Some Fodder. 


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Each stage of the process of bringing tractors from plant to farmers is designed and carried out to create perception of “quality”. The aim of each kind of work done in this direction, is to ensure when ArmaTrac comes to mind, at the same time the perception of 'quality' occurs in the customer mind

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ELHO (El-ho) is a Finnish family-owned business founded in 1968. The company specialises in the manufacture of quality work and contracting machinery for agriculture. The machines have to be durable, high-quality and user friendly. ELHO wants to offer its customers the best quality and that is why its machines have many progressive features that make them especially durable.

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It all began in 1946 when Antonio Bonino decided to found a repair shop and sale of agricultural machines in a small town in the province of Cuneo.
In a short time the small company grows and thanks to the entrepreneurial and technical skills of Antonio, is transformed into a manufacturing company.
The aspiration of the founder is to design and build new-concept machines which are adapted to the needs of rapidly evolving agriculture.

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HORSCH is a leading global manufacturer of innovative agricultural technology and modern solutions for soil cultivation, seeding and plant protection. Every single customer with his individual requirements is the focus of our activities.

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